Steve found out about my coaching through word of mouth and today was the day for our session. Blue skies greeted us and never left us for the whole session. Steve said he gets scared on drop of a foot or higher and said he cannot corner without virtually stopping mid turn and having to pedal to catch back up with his mates. I looked at him with a knowing smile and ran him through my skills check. I found looking and body positioning needed correcting and that would then leave the mental skills to deal with. Simples!
We began with applying the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach to the drop sections first. Steve was stunned at how simple and comfortable it all felt and blew his own mind by riding the 3ft drop a few times with absolute ease.
 Onto cornering and linking sections of a trail together. I used the skills trail and we worked on pumping, jumping, drops, rock gardens, drop offs and steps and linked them to a variety of corners. The last drop of 4ft into the final corner flew beneath him when riding the trail top to bottom and linking all 14 sections of the trail together.
Steve said at the start that he’d like to jump but jumping the 6ft tabletop was something he felt beyond him when he first saw it but 2 hours into the session saw him sailing over it with a big old grin splashed over his face. The adrenaline was now coursing through him and a few more clears saw us again move on. Steeper terrain was next, culminating in a near vertical drop off that now proved no problem at all as once again Steve used his mental skills to decide that he can ride it.
We then moved on again and this time to the pump and jump trail to work on gaining speed from the trail, linking three berms together and jumping a steep faced jump. Man it was so cool watching the rider inside Steve bubble to the top and he was loving his enhanced skills sets.A final run of the skills trail saw Steve declare himself knackered and an amazing session came to a close.
Let me know how the riding goes dude.