After traveling 3.5 hours from wales, the guys arrived on time and I set about discovering the truth in their riding and what was present in the skill set already by putting them through the skills check.
I uncovered a hidden push in them all and removed the bad habits that bogged it down before moving onto to applying it on drops.

Using their natural push I showed why it is used in this technique and they all began to fly off and land perfectly. I even showed them how to tweak the bike in the air once I had corrected their body positioning.
Next we moved onto the trail and worked heavily on cornering and why looking and footwork are so important before once again working on body position.
We worked on flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners. We linked these together with steps, drops, jumps ,rock gardens and pumping by using the identified braking/pedaling areas.
We worked on linking drops into berms too before riding the entire trail end to end.

Each run got faster and more fluid and the skill set really began to embed itself in them.
It came time to move onto the final technique of jumping and landing on a transition of a tabletop.

Here they used their push once again and I worked hard with Blake on his body position here and one by one, once their looking had been corrected they flew over the 6ft tabletop and both Steve and Ric used their mental skills to ride the gap jump too!
Awesome session guys!