Stephen has ridden for 17yrs and today was a gift from his wife Becca who came along to watch and chill out. We chatted over a welcome coffee and began with the skills check. I discovered great footwork but missing body position and looking skills. I made a set up change that took him by surprise and off we went to apply the new skill set to various sections at the skills area.
The drop technique was first, and it was there that I installed the mental skills set that is so important in our riding. The 3 drops of varying height passed by easily now and comfortably, something he’d not have said before.
I worked hard with Stephen on his cornering and his fluidity on the trail when linking all sections on a trail together. We worked on all types of corners and also pumping and absorbing sections to gain and maintain speed. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to rock gardens, steps, drops, jumps and pump bumps. Before long, he was sailing down the trail and any errors were self diagnosed and he knew why too!
Onto riding steep sections and near vertical drop offs, which I demonstrated various ways of riding and Stephen followed suit and it blew him away at how simple it all felt.
Onto jumping tabletops, something he’d never previous done, and in a few minutes he was sailing over his first ever tabletop and lading on the transition 6ft away easily. A good few goes saw him move across to the gap jump and ride that a couple of times too!
 We moved on to another trail to work on pumping and absorbing sections on a trail to gain speed and to choose to jump. Stephen also linked 2 berms at the end of the line together and flew through them with confidence and commitment.
5hrs after we began our session came to a close and our time together had finished. What an amazing day and it was a pleasure to meet you and Becca.