Stu wanted to share a session with his partner Amanda and although they both wanted different things from the session i was easily able to accommodate their wishes and hopes. The skills check showed me the areas in them both that needed work and I set off. We moved to the drop technique first to work on looking ad body positioning and also the mental skills and from there onto the 6ft tabletop, Which Amanda thought she’d never be able to clear but in a few minutes both herself and Stu were sailing over. Stu had a fear of gaps but his new skills set made the 6ft gap jump easy now and he used his mental skills to decide to ride it.
 Next we worked on cornering and then carrying speed through berms before a break for coffee beckoned. We resumed with moving to the skills trail and working on fluidity and linking the sections on the trail, including the 4ft drop into the final corner which both Amanda and Stu were now easily doing and the line choice and braking made the following turn easier too.
We worked on steeper terrain and different ways of riding near vertical drop offs and that was something that stuck in Amanda as she had a fear of such sections.
We moved to another trail to work on jumping and pumping multiple sections of a trail and linking 2 berms at the end together. Every run got better and better and the cornering now was really cementing as they both got faster with less effort and Stu rode the 7ft gap jump that followed, he wasn’t done there as even though they were knackered he still had time to ride the 9ft gap jump that followed a couple of times before calling an end to the session. What a great session with an amazing couple.