Stu and Gethin made the journey from Chepstow and we had a coffee on arival and chatted about their aspirations for the session. The skills check revealed body position and looking faults and I made the necessary set up changes to correct this.
As ever, drops were first and they wasted no time in applying the physical and mental skills to land perfectly off all 3 drops.

Off to the skills trail we went and I broke the 14 sections down on the trail into bite sized chunks. The first being pumping undulations on the trail and using the trails energy to ride the following berm and flat corner. Soon I added a rock garden, berm and switchback corner into the mix and they began riding them smoothly and the errors began getting less frequent.
We had a break and I moved them onto the lower half of the trail with the fly out jump and corner with a stepped exit and the ease at which they could get into the air made them laugh. I added the end part of the trail in with its drops into the final corner. It was time to ride the entire trail end to end and armed with their new skills they began to really fly down the trail. the footwork, looking and body positioning was becoming more of an unconscious action as they swooped along the trail.
I moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap and once again I demonstrated the application of the skill set in this technique and in a few short moves, they were sailing over it with laughter ringing out. The child in them both had returned and they were loving every minute. Both used their mental skills to even ride their first gap jump too!

I knew we’d not much time left fatigue wise so I moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on pumping, jumping and manualing sections on a trail. Both got were really getting to grips with the techniques as tiredness showed and our session ended to a riding demonstration of the skill set in use as always in my own riding on the woodwork of herts. Great session and a great end to an amazing week of coaching.