Stu and Jamie had their session delayed due to the snow 2 weeks ago and today was the day. The skills check show me some skills already natural and That they needed work on looking and body position collectively and that Jamie needed footwork sorted particularly in right turns.
I did a subtle change to their set ups and set to work on installing the mental skills too during the drop technique. It was so easy for them to ride all 3 drops now as their new skills applied and off we went to the skills trail to work on techniques required and linking them together on a trail.

 Pre jumping, pumping, absorbing, steps, fly out jumps, rock gardens and drops were linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. I worked on line choice and braking technique and on linking drops into corners easier.

 It wasn’t long before they were riding the whole trail end to end faster and smoother than before. I moved us onto linking berms together and managing the speed without braking and they really got to grips with this as their skills sets applied here too.

 Riding steeps was next and their new body positions really allowed them to control the descents easier and even when linking short steep roll ins to a corner they managed it easy.
 For the final application we worked on body position in jumping big tabletops and they began sailing into the air on a 15ft+ tabletop with control and confidence that they never had previously.
 Mentally I could see they were tiring so our session ended there.
Amazing riding guys.