Stu and Jo made the trip from Bristol. They have vast riding experience and have traveled wide on holidays. On putting them through the skills check I discovered they were exactly the same in their missing skills but also in their existing skills. This made my work easier and meant I could work on their mental skills later on in the session.
We began with unweighting the front wheel and the push, then we applied the same push to the drop technique and worked on their mental skills as they made the choices to go onto the higher drops.
We then moved onto the coaching trail and i broke it down into distinct segments and work on the sections contained within before working on the next and linking the segments together. We worked on footwork and looking heavily in these sections and applied them to corners, drops, up ramps, rock gardens, stepped roll downs etc. Finally, we rode the trail a few times and the flow was felt as the skills came together.
Lastly, I worked on jumping. We began on the table top and after a few runs gradually running in faster< both Jo and Stu cleared it easily. They then chose to move across to the gap side of the table top and the same result.
Fantastic session!