Stu, Chris, Pete, Jim and James came down from the Midlands for a session. I coached Stu last year and he wanted to return with some riding mates for another session.
 I worked collectively on their footwork, body positioning and looking skills as well as their mental skills.
The drops were the first sections we began riding and they quickly rode all 3 drops . From their I worked on their cornering and used the top half of the skills trail to develop their pumping and control through rock gardens and linked those to corners. They really began to flow nicely and any errors were self diagnosed.
 I moved onto linking drops into corners via braking control and line choice and soon they were applying their skills sets to that .
Riding steeper terrain was something they wanted to do so off we went to ride the steeper sections up to and including a near vertical drop off which they decide whether or not to ride using their mental skills.
 For the final part of the session, we moved onto the pump and jump trail where I worked on pumping, jumping and even manuals. I worked on carrying speed through corners using 2 berms which they later linked into the pump and jump trail.
Mental tiredness began to hit so I ended the session their with smiles all round.
An amazing session