On meeting I ran them through the skills check and discovered some good skills bogged down by bad habits. I set about correcting this immediately and soon we were ready to move onto the drop technique.
Using their natural pushes they all rode the 3 drops, landing perfectly and things really began taking shape.
We moved onto the trail to work on pumping, rock gardens,drops, steps and flat, bermed, adverse and switchback corners. Gradually, we worked our way down the trail linking each section to the next using the correct braking areas. We worked on footwork and looking but also on body position too.

We then rode the entire trail end to end, linking all 14 sections on the trail together fluidly and each run became smoother and smoother.
After a few runs it was time to move onto jumping tabletops as the guys all ride at trail centers at times too and these are always present.
In no time at all the lads were in the air and my task was to manage their speed so they could focus on the remaining physical and mental skills.

As I worked on their individual styles I matched them to a speed. I worked hard with Stu on the mental side of it and in time they all sailed over, landing perfectly on the transition. Graham and Robin even rode the gap jump side to round the session off.
Great session lads!