Stuart came down from middlesbourgh for his session after seeing a video I did online talking about the mental side of riding jumps and drops. On running him through my skills check I found him to be deficient of body position and looking in corners but possessing a perfect push from the word go.
We worked on the mental side of drops first and soon he was sailing perfectly through the air and landing.

I then began working on Stu’s cornering and linking them into drops.

Next we focused on jumping and tabletops and gaps were the order of the day. Using a specific physical and mental skill set Stu was landing on the transition perfectly and riding the 6ft gap with ease.
After a short drink break we moved onto the woodwork to work on peripheral fears and to apply the physical and mental skills in that context.
We worked on advanced drops where there is a gap to get across and Stu ate them up as his mental skills blossomed.

Finally we linked that ladder drop into a 9ft gap step down and the smile on Stuarts face was a picture to behold.
After a few runs he declared mental tiredness as the Adrenalin from the day drained him.
Fantastic session!