Having heard of my coaching from a friend, Graeme came up for a session today and as always I discovered what was missing in his skill set but also uncovered some good natural body psoitioning in corners and a great push to unweight the front end.
We first worked on the drop technique on 3 progressively larger drops and Graeme rode all three in time landing perfectly.
We moved onto the skills trail and worked our way methodically down the singletrack trail linking the 14 sections contained within it. Pumping, rock gardens, steps, fly outs and flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners were linked with their entry’s and exits.

We linked drops into corners before riding the entire trail a few times end to end and Graeme began to really flow down the trail.
Lastly, we worked on jumping and used a 6ft tabletop for this. After working through some protective mechanisms Graeme landed on the transition instead of the top.
Graeme called an end to the session as he was mentally tired, so I showed the skill set being used by myself in a demo on the ladders and drops then we kicked back with a beer.
Great session!