Neither Tom, Trev or Anthony had been with me before but had ridden the trail I used for coaching a few times before. I put them through my skills check and began working on the missing skills but also using their own developed through their riding experiences, removing the bad habits and keeping the good.
First we worked on un weighting the front wheel and after a demonstration all three easily managed it.
then I moved onto the disconnected bunny hop put a large log on the fire road, the guys didn’t think they could un weight over it but they ALL did!
Great start I thought. Moving onto a trail, I broke it down into 4 segments and we worked on the sections within each before linking each segment methodically.
Corners, drops, roll ins and pumping were present and gradually with looking, footwork, body positioning and correct braking the lads started to really flow.
Tom really improved and was flying around corners. Anthony was riding faster with loads more flow and control and Trev grew in confidence so much that he rode the drop sections he Always rode around!
Awesome session lads!