Susie and Neil made their way up to me from Brighton after being recommended by some riders they know. I began with set up changes and the skills check revealed the missing skills but also uncovered some good habits too.
I began working on their footwork and looking and later on their body positioning.
We began with braking technique and then moved onto the drop technique where they applied their new skills to get both wheels in the air .
WE moved onto the trail and I worked on pumping, rock gardens, steps, up ramps, and linked them through berms, flat, off camber and switchback corners. We gradually worked our way along the trail working on it in segments and isolating the sections within it. I worked on the mental skill set and how and why to apply it.
When we got to the fly out, i showed why their skill set applied to getting the wheels to get air born and worked on the common fear of falling backwards when faced with these.
Finally, they rode the entire trail and began linking the 14 sections on the trail together using the identified braking zones and they rode smooth and more fluid than ever before .
The session ended after 4.5 hours to a riding demonstration by myself of the skills in use my own riding on the high woodwork of herts.
Great session!