Mike And Chris Learn To Jump

Mike and Chris came to me after reading reviews and wanted to learn to jump. As they both skateboarded before I was able to use their muscle memory from this to really enhance their skills sets both mentally and physically.

I broke their skills down and formed new techniques as I corrected looking and positioning for them. I worked on drops, steeps, cornering, jumping tabletops and gaps and linking them too!

Xc Race Coaching

Dan races nps xc races and wanted to get better technically and understand what he needed to do on a mountain bike. I explained the physical skills and isolated body positioning and looking needed correcting and some very small adjustments made huge differences.

I worked hard with Dan on gaining speed and not trying to be fast. It was apparent that it felt slow to him but he knew it was faster as a by product.

We worked on applying a simple skills set to lots of different environments and linked them together.

For over 6hrs , Dan worked hard on linking his new skills set together. Linking steeps to corners, turning through drop offs, gap jumps, drops, corners, controlling air time and distance, switchbacks and riding over obstacles to name just a few..

I really enjoyed being part of this session as it wasn’t just airtime but was about simple techniques.

A Father And Son Session

Lucaz and his 10yr old son Artur arrived for coaching wanting to get better at judging speed and to get over their mental block of gap jumps.

What a session it turned into as as soon as I had corrected their set ups and physical skills errors it all clicked. Gaps to 13ft, 14ft tabletops and linking gaps and jumps together, drops, style, berms, wall rides you name it. They even started jumping over each other!

Steve’s Session

Steve took advantage of a short notice availability session to get to grips with his riding. He has a background in jujitsu and I was able to use this muscle memory to develop his riding.

He wanted to get more fluid in his turns as he felt on the verge of crashing when riding through the trees.

Footwork, looking and body positioning were all worked on and adjusted.

A Father And Son Skills Session

Darren and his son Tom came to me via recommendation. They wanted to polish their riding and move it on with understanding what to do and why on their mountain bikes.

I worked on their physical skills sets as well as the head game and before you knew it, they were riding smooth and faster than before.

Drops, steeps, corners, pumping, riding over obstacles, jumps and gaps were all demonstrated and they followed suit.

Ladies Only

All five ladies arrived on time and this was the first time they had met after Kerry arranged the session on a facebook page mtbchixandtrails. Caroline, Sophia, Katy and An joined her for this private session.

I broke down their skills sets and showed the application in the techniques I teach. Drops, pumping, steep drop offs, jumps, gaps, riding over obstacles and cornering.

It was awesome to see them all improve as I worked on looking and positioning and it wasn’t long before they were all airborne.

Where There’s A Will

I coached Will today (see what I did there?) and he wanted to understand what he was doing and why when hitting jumps and drops. I isolated his skills set and showed him what needed working on.

I also worked on the head game too as we moved through lots of applications for the techniques I teach.