Joe’s Session

Joe wanted to find the answer he always felt was just out of his grasp but that he was so close to. He came to me after reading recommendations and today was the day.

I deconstructed his riding and rebuilt it so he knew why it was right or wrong, he could feel it.

I worked on his physical and mental skills and we drew on his experiences from other sports. What a session!

Six Go Mad From Essex

Cath, Stuart, Mark, Adrian, James and Jackson made the trip to me after being recommended it from a rider at Hadleigh Olympic trails.

They wanted to push their riding on and understand what they were doing right or wrong. They all were at different levels in their riding but that made no difference.

I corrected their physical skills before applying the mental skill set to loads of different applications on trails. I think the pictures and videos tell the story better than I

Andrew And Simon’s Session

Andrew and Simon booked a private session wanting to work on all areas in their riding. I watched what they were doing physically during my skills check and armed with that info, I set to work.

dropping in

They wanted to work on jumping but it was cornering and steep terrain that really changed how they think about riding mountain bikes.

Laurence’s one to one


Laurence wanted to develop the basic skills set and apply it to his riding.  I worked hard on his looking and body position and then applying them to the techniques I teach. During the session he cleared his first ever tabletop and went on to clear multiple jumps and gaps as well as corner faster than ever before.  Rad session with a great guy

High 5!