Gill attended a group session with myself a few months back but had confidence issues develop.
We spoke about why this had happened and Gill explained that she wanted to get more airtime since our session, when 3ft drop was the move of the day and had become disillusioned with her riding.
Our session began as always with the skills health check, I found that one of the king pin techniques had been replaced with a pull. In a short while, I replaced the pull with Gill’s natural push and we began getting air. 1st up were drops. from 6 inches to over 3ft, Gill landed both wheels together time and again. From there we worked on linking the sections of the trail together and Gill rode the coaching trail in 30 seconds which was joint 2nd fastest of all riders.
Next up was jumping and the tabletop loomed. In a short while using the physical and mental skill set, Gill sailed over the 6ft tabletop. Now came time to use her mental skill set again and she moved over to the gap side of the table top and sailed over it 1st go. Smiles bloomed. lastly we worked on a larger 9ft gap jump and Gill once again , using her mental skill set just flew over it . time and again.
An amazing session ended. High 5 Gill!!