Iain found me through the ctc website.
On meeting he explained he’d love to be able to jump and drop. First I needed to see what was present and missing from the skills set so I ran him through my skills check.
I found a natural push to un weight the front end and also that he had partial footwork but he looked down all the time, I set to work.
We worked on many different sections and how to apply the skill set to each technique in a simple and memorable way. I worked on flat, off camber and bermed corners, drops, kickers, rock gardens, steps , pumpable bumps and drops into corners. Each time we applied the skills set and then I worked on his mental skill set also.

Gradually we worked on each section on the trail and linked it to the next and so on. Iain was beginning to really feel the flow of the trail as the skill set became more and more ingrained.
My final task was to teach Iain how to jump.
I have a very simply method for this and in about 15 minutes, Iain was landing perfectly on the downside of the table top and riding away shouting in delight! He then applied his mental skill set as he rode the gap jump side of it too!
Our session ended as fatigue crept in. Great session Iain!!