I have coached Jamie, Bruce and Paul before and the windy weather forecast nearly meant the session had to be rescheduled but the boys wanted to go ahead anyway. On arrival, I asked on what areas they felt they wanted to work on and I was able to build further onto the previous session. Beginning with drops and moving the bike in the air and onto controlling distance for speed over a 6ft gap jump. Nicely warmed up we pushed on. They are racing enduro this year and  wanted to work on steeper terrain and switchbacks so I demonstrated different techniques for riding down a near vertical drop and then onto riding a steep roll into a corner and linking a jump into it . I demonstrated moving the bike in the air to keep on trail and that really blew them away and they linked the whole trail top to bottom , ending in the vertical drop off of earlier with ease.

Next, we moved to the alpine style switchback to work on applying their skills sets to those. I of course demonstrated before they all rode them. After a good few runs we took a coffee break and on resuming, moved to linking drops into corners. Line choice is critical here and once they got that dialled their required braking decreased as their control enhanced.

Next we worked on carrying speed through multiple berms and then adding style on the large faced jump at the end, a feature that is quite daunting when first approached. Soon they were flying and loving it. I then demonstrated a 9ft gap jump that is sandwiched betwixt two berms and then it was their turn to once again apply their mental skills to decide whether to ride it. They all rode the gap jump smoothly and our session ended after a good few runs adding in yet another gap jump of 7ft from our previous session. Amzing progression today guys and no mud in sight 😉









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