Tegwen came to me to build on her already present skill set and the skills check showed me what was missing and also present.
I found footwork, body position and looking faults during the check and set about correcting them.
The first technique was the push to unweight the front end and as soon as that was working we moved onto the drops to apply it.
In no time at all, Tegwen was landing controlled and confidently on the drops and the ease of it surprised her. I worked heavily on this technique to really embed it.
We then worked on the pumping technique and used the parallels in her snowboarding to gain momentum from the trail.
We then linked it to the corners present on the trail. flat bermed and switchbacks were ridden and footwork and looking was worked on. We linked pump bumps, corners, steps, rock gardens and fly outs and Tegwen really began to ride smoothly. for 70 meters of trail she took 4 seconds of her ride time as she used the trails energy and the skill set to great effect.
Tiredness brought an end to our session and I can’t wait for her future ride updates as always.