Everyone arrived early as planned, so we started the session with the skills check where we discovered that we needed to work on looking and body positioning in their physical skills set. After making the necassary corrections and set up changes, we moved onto the drop technique. Here, we added a mental skills set, and before long, everyone was riding off the largest drop, and landing perfectly. Some even began to make it look nice. After a quick cornering exercise, we moved onto the skills trail. We showed them half the trail, talking them through each sectioyn, and then we worked down the trail untill they where riding top to bottom with more speed and control than ever before. After a quick break for lunch, we moved onto a different trail. Here we looked at steeper stuff, and the proper technique to riding it, and we linked this with fade away jumps and some more corners, and they were quickly riding top to bottom confortably. We then moved onto the pump and jump trail where they began choosing whether to jump, pump and even manual through the sections. We moved over to the tabletop and gap jump, where we slowly added speed and everyone was quickly riding over both the tabletop and the gap jump. We finished the session with a larger gap junp, which everyone rode comfortably, and we all enjoyed a beer to celebrate an amazing session
great session guys!
Tony (@ukbikeskills) & nath (@ukbike_nath)