Today was Kate’s 2nd visit to me and I was interested to see what was absorbed from the first session and also how the mental skills had embedded.
after the skills check we moved onto Kate’s previous Achilles heal of drops. By managing her speed I began matching her natural puish to the speed needed to accomplish the technique and very soon Kate was landing perfectly. In her own time, Kate moved across to the middle drop and once again landed perfectly time and again.
From there we moved onto the coaching trail and it’s fourteen sections contained within it. I began with corners, we worked on bermed, flat and switchback corners and the skill set was applied accordingly. As we gradually worked our way down the trail linking the previos section to the next, flow began happening naturally. Rock gardens, up ramps, step downs and drops we linekd together and I timed the runs to identify where progress could be seen and felt. After a few complete runs Kate was absolutely flying down the trail in a time I had previously not seen on the trail. Smiles all round!
Finally, I worked on carrying speed through berms and we worked on body position and looking heavily.
We ended a great session with a fresh coffee and chilled out under blue skies.
Awesome day Kate!