Colin gave Ian and Paul their part in the private group session for the three of them as a gift. On meeting them I gave them my commitment to their coaching and an outline for the session before we began. I started with the skills check and Between them they had footwork, looking and body position faults which enabled me to use their visuality between them to get more from them. I adjusted their set ups to enhance their control and we moved on.
I always start with the application of the mental and physical skill sets to the drop technique.
The guys were landing perfectly from pretty much the word go as their new skills simplified everything.

I moved onto the skills trail and I began coaching them on the 14 sections that it contains. I began with the pumping technique and we linked that to a berm and a flat corner. Their new skills were already shining through as they could all feel enhanced grip and control. I added a rock garden, berm and switchback corner into the mix followed by a fly out jump and corner with a stepped exit. Now the lads were really enjoying their new skills and their riding was getting faster and way more confident. Lastly We linked their drop and cornering techniques together by line choice and braking areas and they began riding the trail end to end. Each complete run was faster than the previous one even if they thought that wasn’t possible. I could see they were tiring mentally so after a few runs I called and end to the session after 5 hours and I gave them a riding demonstration of the same skill sets in use in my own riding on the woodwork of Herts. A great session to end an awesome week of coaching.