Tony, Simon and Ben turned up as arranged and I gave them an outline of the skill sets I teach. I began with my skills check and found looking and body position faults, so I made the necessary set up changes and off we went to apply it to the drops. The effect was immediate as they all rode the drops landing perfectly. I was even able to show why the skill set allowed Tony to style it in the air too.
We moved to the skills trail and began with advanced pumping and linked that to the following berm and flat corner.

Soon I added a rock garden and 2 more corners into the mix and the lads really began to fly. A fly out jump was next ridden and linked to a corner with a step on the exit and then I worked hard on linking the drop technique and cornering techniques together and the associated line choice.

It wasn’t long before they began riding the entire trail and linking the 14 sections contained within it together, using the correct braking areas. Any errors were self identified and corrected now as they began to move through into unconscious action.
Each run was faster than the previous and their enhanced control improved confidence no end.
The last technique of our session was jumping tabletops and using a 6ft wide one I showed why the physical and mental skills applied here also.

I worked hard with Ben and Simon on their body position here too and soon all three were flying over the tabletop and Si and Tony even rode the 6ft gap jump side too!

The heat of the day and the mental aspect of the coaching began to take its toll and the session came to a close with a riding demonstration by myself of the same skill set in use on the woodwork of herts.
Great session guys, High5!