The lads contacted me for a 2 to 1 session and wanted to focus on drops and jumps. That’s fair enough but I need to make sure the foundation is solid and began from the very base as usual. After the skills health check, I could see that both needed to look into the next. I began correcting this in the pumping technique and into further techniques. After the individual techniques we started working on a trail that contained all the elements and started stitching them together. Barry got to grips with cornering and weighting the bike in corners. We covered overlapping sections and Gary really began to flourish. The day was progressing and my job was to control that pace so that the boys didn’t ride outside their comfort zones but moved within them as we progressed.
We ended our day on a trail with loose corners,drops and a gap jump. The end result was their riding was way faster,smoother and more controlled than when we began.
cheers lads!