Chris came for his 2nd one to one session and I began as always, with my skills check. Chris had since bought a new bike and I could see the errors in his set up which I corrected immediately.
I started with drops and I worked on body position here a lot and soon Chris was landing smoothly and effortlessly, even riding the largest drop that he mentally wasn’t ready for in his last session.
I moved onto the trail and worked hard on body position in corners and the change was dramatic as shown in the above pics.
After a while it was time to work on his mental skill set in jumping the 6ft tabletop and gap jump.

Chris’s new body position in the air was there and the smile beamed across his face at the ease of it all. He then rode the gap jump also which really set the adrenalin off.

Next, I moved onto the pump and jump trail where I worked on Chris’s speed management so he could generate enough speed through pumping to be able to clear a 9ft tabletop.

Chris really connected to the trail and got into a rhythm and rode the whole trail with a new confidence. Each run was more fluid than before and soon it was time to work on the low ladders.
Once I had shown how to control the bike and dismount on the woodwork I was able to work on Chris’s peripheral fear of being high up. He rode a small ladder drop and even rode the up and over ladder too before mental tiredness prevailed and our session ended.
Awesome riding Chris!