I coached Andy last June and on meeting today I put him through the skills check to see what areas needed more work. I found I needed to work on his body positioning and also could see that he had been working hard on his skill set from our last session.
I wanted to work on his positioning on drops and Andy could tell the difference and control immediately and then used his mental skill set to move up to a 3ft drop section and repeat it over again.
Here I also worked on The pedal assisted un weight or better known, wheelie drop technique.
I worked on his timing and speed management and it all came together after a while.
We moved onto the trail and worked on Andy’s trail energy management as well as body position in corners too.
We worked on speed manualing, steps, flat, off camber, switchback and bermed corners, rocks, fly outs and linking drops into corners.

We rode the trail end to end quite a few times and Andy’s energy management was really coming good as he used the correct braking zones between each section.
I could see the past session and the skills we worked on today really coming together so we moved on.
Lastly we worked on jumping tabletops and also gaps.
I controlled his speed as he focused on his body position, footwork and looking skills and in no time at all was flying cleanly over the table top.
I discovered a protective mechanism when he rode the gap side and we ironed that out easily.

Andy himself called an end to the session as he could feel himself tiring mentally as the adrenalin of overcoming his fear of gap jumps took the energy out of him.
Great session Andy and I’m looking forward to your updates already!