Jo, Andy and Tim returned to me for another session, having been to me last year. On meeting I found body positioning was needing work in corners and they said they wanted to work more on linking sections together that come up faster and closer together.
 We spent a while on the drops to re affirm their mental skills and then we moved onto the skills trail. I gave them an  exercise to really enhance their body position in corners and then they applied it on the skills trail. I worked on pumping up slopes to gain speed but not take off  and also line choice when linking drops into corners.

After a break we moved onto riding into drop offs that are present at the end of another piece of singletrack and body position and looking was worked on as well as the mental skills. We moved to the top of the new singletrack and worked on linking drop offs into corners and also into up slopes and linking the entire trail together. Things were really coming on nicely so to end our session we moved back to the skills trail and they found it felt even better as the teachings from the session began to embed.
Great session !