Lucien was coached by myself last year and returned to develop his riding further.
He wanted to begin to ride on flat pedals and today was all about the mental change necessary for him to believe his feet wont fall away from the pedals.
We worked on body positioning heavily today and I even changed the stem on his bike for a shorter one and his flight position became more relaxed and fluid.
We worked on different speeds and the kinetic difference in the technique required. We then moved to the trail and worked on carrying speed into and through corners. Looking and body position was worked on here again as I removed Lucien’s habit of throwing his shoulders into corners and also getting target fixated.

We linked drops into corners and worked on braking techniques too.
Lucien needed to build his mental skills using flat pedals and on the tabletop I managed his speed so he could focus on footwork and body positioning and soon he was sailing over it just as he did last year in spds.

Lastly we moved onto a trail with jumps on and worked on Lucien’s speed management between each section to have enough energy to jump.
We had a break for drinks and Lucien declared tiredness and the end of the session.
Great strides were made Lucien and I look forward to the future developments