Scott and Nicola came to me back in february to develop their basic riding skills and came back for more as they are off the the alps soon.
As always the skills check revealed the areas for me to work on and after a couple of set up corrections we moved onto braking techniques and then onto the drops.
I worked on Nicola’s mental skill set and on Scott’s body positioning in flight and how to move the bike once airborne. We then worked on drops into berms and carrying speed into and through berms and soon they were really flying.

I then moved us onto the pump trail. Here I developed the basic pumping technique we covered in their previous session and applied it to the trail. Soon they were generating speed from the undulations on the trail and begining to get air over the jumps.
Lastly, I moved us onto the tabletop and the 6ft gap jump. Both Scott and Nicola used their push to great effect as they sailed over the tabletop and landed perfectly on the transition 6ft away.
Smiles were beaming across their faces and Scott rode the gap jump side too over and over gain.
The session ended to an ice cold beer and we toasted the end of an amazing session.