Chris, Steve and Paul had been coached by myself previously and today I wanted to move their riding on further and in a direction to enhance their own local rides but also to open their eyes to the possibilities their skills sets. I could see they had worked hard on their riding so I began with drops and adding some movement in the air. From there. we went to the skills trail and worked on more advanced pumping techniques and linked in 9 sections. Absorbing at speed, rock gardens, pre jumping and various corners were all ate up with smiles on their faces.
We moved onto another trail and began working on linking sections together via braking control areas and moving the bike in the air once again . They were now flying and riding the drop off at the end of the trail in 3 different ways, all with control.
 We moved to a big fear of their, woodwork and the purpose of this was to develop control of this environment and enhance confidence. They were  using their mental skills  to decide what they could and couldnt ride and drops were just sailing under them.
For our final application of the skills, we worked on linking 2 berms together to develop speed to jump a 7ft ladder gap and Paul and Steve even linked another ladder drop into the line too!
 The rains came as we ended and we parted our ways. Awesome riding and it was a pleasure to see their improving skills.