John attended a public jumps and drops course with me back in February. He wanted to work on cornering and if time, other areas as I saw fit.

The skills check showed that the Skills were still present from the previous session but in corners he was bereft of looking and footwork with a body position fault too.

I began working hard on John’s cornering and the effect was immediate.

I worked hard on linking the 14 sections on the trail together and In no time John was flowing down the entire trail end to end with more confidence and control than ever before.

I worked on line choice when linking drops into corners, and soon John was really flying.

After riding the trail, I then expanded his bag of techniques by adding bunny hops over logs and also showed how the same technique can be applied to pumping. John was smiling ear to ear by now and feeling tired too, but he had more.

For our last half hour I demonstrated the pumping techniques i had showed him in use on the pump and jump trail.

John aplied the same and was soon linking the sections together and jumping the 9ft tabletop contained within it before John himself called an end to the session.

Fantastic session John and as always a pleasure to spend time chatting over a post ride beer,