This is the third time Alex had been to me for some mountain bike coaching, and we began the same way as last time, on the drops, as I wanted to see where he was at before I moved him on.

We spent the majority of the session working on jumping. I used the tabletop and gap jump to work further on his technique. We also used the larger tabletop which followed the three linked corners. Here I could also see that Alex had been practicing his cornering technique as he linked these corners together with fluidity and control.

We went back and rode the 7ft ladder gap jump which follows the second linked turn. This is where we ended our session previously, so I brought him back to it today. He had a few speed checks and was soon flying over it.

We moved onto the larger 9ft gap jump. He had previously not been able to answer yes to his mental questions. This time, after I had demonstrated, he had a few run ins to check the correct line and speed, and was soon sailing over the gap.

Our session ended on the new bank ride, which he was soon flying round, loving how it felt, which was a nice way to have a bit of fun at the end.

Cool to see you again Alex, stand up!

Nath (@ukbikenath)