Thom and Rick have a trails background and it was a surprise that both had good footwork in corners when I put them through the skills check. They pulled on the bars to get the front wheel to raise and this I had to remedy and did. I then proceeded to coach them through the techniques with their new skill set. the drop technique and jump technique proved no problem and they found those techniques surprisingly easy with their new skill set/approach to riding. We moved onto a trail and began working on their looking into the next on corners, drops and layered sections. the day progressed very well and the boys showed trail energy management as they flowed down the trails.
We then moved onto a more technical trail and they stitched all the sections together effortlessly. After 4 hours the session ended bang on cue as mental fatigue hit and they knew they were tired.
They then asked to see herts shore and I gladly took them their for a little taster.
great day and thank you for your patience lads!