Well, what a session that turned out to be. Paul, Stephen and Jim arrived as arranged and The skills check showed me the physical skills that required working on and then a set up change followed .  One of the things they wanted to learn were bunnyhops and it surprised them that I said ok let’s do that first. In a few small steps they were hoping over logs easily and that blew them away.

Next, we worked on cornering and carrying speed through turns. We moved to the pump and jump trail and worked on pumping and carried the gained speed through three linked berms.

We took a break and resumed with applying both mental and physical skills to the drop technique, followed by the jump technique. I worked on speed and effort here and it wasn’t long before they were sailing over a 6ft tabletop and it felt simple and effortless, as did the drops.

The mental skills are what I teach to use to decide when and what to ride sections and they applied these to decide whether to ride the gap jump too 🙂

Steeper terrain was next on the menu and they applied the skills again and after I demonstrated two ways of riding a near vertical drop off they followed suit too.

We ended the session by linking the whole pump and jump trail and choosing when to jump or pump sections on a trail. nearly 6 hours after we began the session came to an end with a beer to celebrate.




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