Tim and Chris came to me wanting help handling airtime and also their fear of berm riding.
The skills check showed me the errors in their riding and after changing their set ups I set to work.
I began with drops and worked on body position in flight and worked on style with Tim and heavily on Chris’s body position and fear mechanism and they both began landing perfectly.
I needed to move them to an isolated berm to work on their speed management in berms along with their other skills before linking drops into berms at the end of the coaching trail.

The change in them both was amazing as they confidently entered the drop and linked it to the berm easily.
I then moved them onto the tabletop and the 6ft gap jump side of it and worked hard on Chris’s push at speed and also Tim’s 2nd push to land.
Both landed perfectly on the transition time and again and Tim even rode the 6ft gap jump side a few times with the same ease.
The guys called an end to the session as mental tiredness crept in and I closed the session with a riding demonstration of the skill set in full use on the woodwork at Herts.

Awesome session and the end of a great day.