James, Simon, Julian and Tim got the train here from London and rode the short distance from the station and arrived on time for their session.  During the skills check I found they needed work on looking and body position. Also mental skills which I worked on during the first technique, drops. Using their new body positions and mental skills they rode all three drops easily and I was also able to work with Simon on styling it in the air. Onto the skills trail and we worked on linking fourteen skills together. After the break for lunch they were then riding the whole trail end to end and linking all sections together via breaking areas and line choice. We moved to the 6ft table top and gap jump to apply the skills for jumping. In a few small short moves all four were sailing over the jump cleanly and I was even able to work with James and Simon on styling over the gap jump while Julian and Tim got more comfortable on the table top. Next we moved to another trail and worked on pumping, jumping, manuals and carrying speed round berms. Each run became more comfortable and it was so good to watch their skills sets embedding deeper and deeper. For our final application of the skills we worked on riding a near vertical drop off and applying two different techniques to it. Cracking session guys. 
High 5