Tim, Phil and Ian showed up and I took them and ran them all through the skills checks to see what specific areas in each of their skills sets I had to work on individually. We moved straight on to work on cornering, first using the hillside, and I let them feel how having the correct body position can increase grip and control. We then worked on linking three berms together, which involved the same technique I had just showed them, as well and now controlling their speed. We moved into drops, and gave them a mental skills set. I first let them be in control of their own speed, and they all adjusted their unweight technique to match to be able to land perfectly. I then controlled their speed and they now had to adjust their unweight to match the speed I have them. After this, we began linking drops into corners, and linking the two different sections together.

After lunch, we moved onto the table top. Again I worked on their speed individually, and adjusted it to suit them. They where soon feeling air beneath their wheels, and the gap jump came into play also. We moved up the hill onto the pump and jump trail, and we worked on absorbing sections, and carrying this speed through to jump other sections, and they linked this with the three berms we touched earlier, the larger gap jump at the end, and this brought our session to an end.

Nice one guys. Tim, work on that push, straighten your knees, Phil and Ian, work on pushing that hand more.

Nath (@ukbikenath)