Tim, Rob and Lawrence turned up as arranged and Over a coffee we chatted about their aspirations for the session and beyond and then I put them through my skills check. I found feet, looking and body position faults so I made some set up changes and set to work.

As always I began with drops and using both their mental skills and physical they began riding all 3 drops easily, commenting on how simple it felt.
I moved us onto the skills trail and I broke the trail into quarters so we could focus on the sections easier before adding them all together later. Fly out jumps, rock gardens, pumping, steps and drops were linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners by using the correct braking areas.

The lads were surprised at how easy it was to get air and control up slopes as they applied their new skills.

I worked on linking drops into corners and the correct line choice and before long they were riding all 14 sections on the trail end to end and faster and smoother than ever.
After a while I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop and showed why the skills applied here also and in time all 3 of them sailed over it easily.

We moved to the alpine switchback and I demonstrated linking the 2 switchbacks together using their new footwork, looking and body positions and also riding steeps.

Our session ended as they got really tired mentally and errors began to appear.
Great session and I look forward to their feedback and ongoing updates