Paula, Graham, John and Richard turned up as arranged and wanted to get their control and fluidity enhanced in their riding so they can get more out of their local haunt, Thetford.
 The skills check revealed looking, footwork and body position faults and I changed their set ups, drastically in some cases.
The first technique we applied both mental and physical skills too was drops and it took no time at all for them to begin landing perfectly and they knew why! After a while we moved onto a body position enhancement excersize and from their to the trail itself.

 We worked on absorbing, pumping, rock gardens, steps and drops and linked them to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns.

We worked our way along the trail always adding the previous sections to the next via line choice and control areas. They were really riding smoothly by the time they were riding the whole trail and linking all 14 sections together with control. Any errors were also self diagnosed too as they knew why it was right or wrong anywhere.
 We moved onto riding steep sections and I demonstrated on various steeps so they could see the difference in positioning needed. We finished our session by linking 2 berms together and the control and confidence in theri riding shone through.
Amazing end to a great week of coaching.