November 29, 2010 Tony Doyle

Tim’s “freeride” session

Tim came back to me to further his riding once more and as he wants more “freeride” focus, We worked on both dirt and wooden constructions.
I worked on pumping the transition and also footwork whilst linking sections together with turns.
I began with riding ladders and getting used to feeling like you are off the ground before adding it to a hipped drop.
We then moved onto a small dirt jump and worked on that before adding a wooden kicker into a corner into a 9ft step down gap.
I worked on beginning to move the bike in the air off of a booter made from half a tree.
Each section was worked on individually before adding the next section to it and so on.
I worked hard on the mental skill set here too as commitment and confidence needed over coming.
We ended the session with a few complete runs before darkness fell.
high 5 Tim.