Tim came to me from recommendation from other riders at Friston On arrival I put him through my skills check and found looking and body positioning errors and made some set up changes to help correct this.
Onto drops and i was able to work on the mental skills as well as the physical and get Tim to style it in the air Next, we worked on the skills trail and linking the 14 sections on the trail together and quickly he was self diagnosing why it was right or wrong in any section. We linked drops, jumps, rock gardens, steps and pre jumping to flat ,bermed , off camber and switchback turns. In a couple of hours, Tim was railing down the trail and got faster and faster.

  We  moved off the trail and onto jumping tabletops. It took no time at all for Tim to ride the 6ft tabletop and also the gap jump so I knew I could move onto working on his peripheral fear so the woodwork was next.
 I demonstrated how to control stopping on woodwork before linking in corners, pumping and drops into one line on the woodwork. From there we moved to a higher ladder and drop and Tim applied his mental skills and rode it easily a few times.

Lastly we worked on linking a corner, 9ft gap jump and another corner together and Tim was now flying controlled and with confidence. We moved on to another drop but mentally Tim was tiring and began making unforced errors so I ended our session to keep him safe.
Awesome riding dude.