Tim came back to me after attending a group session a few months back, wanting to develop his skills set in jumps and drops. I worked on his looking and body position during these techniques so he’s in a position in the air to begin to style it. I worked on drops into corners, which is a common occurence on trails to replicate trail situations. Tim rode all the drops with confidence and commitment and the smile didn’t leave his face.

I then began to work on jumping by firstly using a fly out. I worked on the push and speed management here heavily.

Now came time to move to the table top and the gap side of the jump too.
Gradually, by adding speed I worked him across the table top until he was clearing it perfectly. I then showed Tim how to begin to tweak the bike in the air and style it.

On his own accord , Tim moved across to the gap side of the jump and was sailing over it smoothly. We worked on riding the trail above into the jump to once again replicate trail conditions.
Then finally, I worked with Tim on a larger, step down gap. Which is where tiredness began to show, so after a couple of more jump runs we called an end to a wet but fun session.

Great improvements Tim! Keep the riding updates coming.