Tina originally bought James a gift voucher for the skills one to one session for xmas but Injury delayed his attendance and by the time he was sure he was ok to attend Tina wanted to join in and make it a 2 to 1 session. On meeting, I ran them through my skills check and made set up changes too. I found that both had the remnants of a push to unweight the front end and they were both missing skills in cornering too. I knew I would have to focus on their looking and footwork first so I set to work.
I spent time developing their unweighting of the front end using various subtle changes and soon they were ready to move on. I worked on braking techniques to so their control was enhanced.
We moved to the drops and applied the same skills there and James was landing perfectly on them from the off, using both his mental and physical skill set. Tina needed more intricate focus and I gradually changed her body position and footwork and as she became comfortable gradually adding speed she landed perfectly also.
Next, I worked on basic pumping technique and we used this free speed to ride through two corners, one bermed and the other a flat turn. Both Tina and James could feel the improvement straight away and their confidence grew along with their commitment. I also showed why the skills applied to riding over the visual barriers of a rock garden and Tina in particular had fears here but with her enhanced looking she was able to ride them easily. We then moved onto the pump trail and I developed their pumping further and James really got the hang of it. Tina began to show classic signs of mental fatigue so I ended our session there and then to hugs and smiles all round. It was an end to a fantastic experience for all three of us as they developed their riding together, I was witness to their riding improving immeasurably.
See you soon Guys!