I coached Andrew back in November and he wanted to return to develop his riding further and wanted to learn to jump. I worked on his body position in corners first as a warm up and to re install that missing skill before moving on to the drops where I demonstrated and then Andrew followed suit . We that was the first hour or so of the session and as the sun burned down, we moved across to the 6ft tabletop to work on his fear of jumping by working on his mental skills. It took a while to break down the techniques involved and then to paste them back together. Gradually, Andrew felt himself first get into the air and then finally flying over the 6ft tabletop. It is hard to convey the emotion involved in a session like this as it’s a journey I take with each rider but When the heat and mental side of the session got the better of Andrew, we both shook hands and smiled. Knowing that Andrew had made a huge step in his riding.