Steve booked a one to one session with me a few weeks back, We met and went through the skills check and onto pumping, a corner stone technique. I demonstrated unwieghting the front and rear of the bike.
Steve took to the technique quickly and soon was bunny hopping logs!
I then showed how it relates to the drop technique.
Oh , and jumping!
We worked on cornering and his footwork in particular needed work.
Bigger sections were no problem now so instead of building on the euphoria of airtime, I took him to a tight trail were his skill set will have to be in place and Steve took to it fast.

His looking into the next section was getting really good and natural.
Every section was flowed through as he used the trails energy more than his own.
Tight flat corners were worked on and after a while we had them sorted too!

We ended the day by riding to the rollercoaster section of trail and Steve showed how much his mental skills had developed by rolling down this rooty chute!
A fantastic day of solid progress !