Neil, Sam, Dave, Tony, Matt and Tom joined me for my jumps and drops course.
The first technique we covered after the simple set up and skills check, was drops. Here I worked with them at various levels due to their past experiences. Some I was able to teach how to style in the air and others I worked with the simplicity of the technique alone. All riders rode and landed perfectly from all 3 drops. I worked on riding drops in numbers too as they followed and led in turn off the drops. Next I added in a corner as they need to be able to handle what comes “next” on a trail.

I moved onto the jump technique and used a simple fly out to flat landing and once again all riders got their wheels into the air.
Now it was time to jump a 6ft table top. Here I managed their speed and allowed them to focus on their looking, body and footwork and they all jumped again.

Each gradually worked their way over the jump and landed the other side. Mental tiredness added to the heat of the day made fatigue hit riders and they sat the rest of the session out accordingly. Dave was first to ride the 6ft gap jump and others followed.

Finally, I moved onto a 9ft gap jump with a 3ft step down and here the riders used their new mental skill set to decide whether they can or cannot ride it.
Tom said he was ok to ride it and landed perfectly 5 times over the gap and rode the preceding berm too.
This brought another excellent session to a close and I ended it with a demonstration of the skills in use on the high woodwork trails.