Today’s session started with only Will and Ian as steve and his 3 mates broke down in their van coming down from Leeds. I installed my skills sets before moving to work on body positioning in corners on a grassy hill then we moved to the singletrack itself where we applied  their new skills to each section along the trail and to multiple techniques. Flat , bermed, off camber and switchback turns were lined to pumping, steps, drop offs, up slopes and rock gardens and over the next 2 hours we really worked hard on linking them together and they became a hell of a lot faster than when they arrived.
We moved onto riding steeper sections and this really blew their minds as their new skills made this easier than ever and the smiles beamed across their faces.
We ended the session by pumping multiple sections of another trail and carrying speed through a berm at the end of it.
 Cracking session guys.