Graham, max and Sam came for this public session. Sam had previously attended my jumps/drops course and wanted to work on the other aspects of his riding.
I made the necessary changes to their set ups and corrected their missing skills during the skills check and then set to work immediately to applying it to the drops.
I worked with Sam on more drop style as he’d been with me before whilst i worked with max and Graham on their push and speed into drops and in no time at all they were landing perfectly.
We then began working on the singletrack skills trail.
I worked on pumping, flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners, rock gardens, steps, fly outs and drops.
We worked methodically along the trail, linking the sections together using the correct exits and entry’s and soon they began to flow along the trail. Footwork and looking was the staple we worked on and later, body positioning in corners too. This really changed how they cornered and the speed came naturally.
They rode the trail end to end loads of times and each runs was smoother than the previous as they used the trails energy more and more.

I then moved us onto the pump trail and developed their pumping more and using the trails energy they were able to get airborne on a tabletop mid trail. The session ended their as the heat of the day took it’s toll and they visibly began to tire.
Great session guys!