Dan, Tim, Toni, Ed, Kev Alexandra and Mike met as arranged and we began with the skills check as always. It’s here that I identify not only the missing skills but also the present ones too and also where I make set up changes that may be required.
Once corrected we moved onto the drop technique before getting onto the trail proper.

Here I began working on looking and body positioning and later on footwork with some too and all the riders made great strides in this technique, landing perfectly.
We then moved onto the trail and it’s 14 sections contained within it. Starting from the top, we worked on each section and linked it to the next using the correct braking zones.
Rock gardens, pumping, steep up slopes, drops, steps and flat, bermed , switchback and off camber corners were all methodically linked one by one and the trails energy was used rather than the riders.
The trail requires riders to add their own speed for the top half and then the riders must control the trails speed for the lower half.
We worked on linking corners and drops quite heavily before we all rode the trail end to end quite a few times. each rider was riding faster and more controlled than they were at the start and also had a mental skills set to apply in the riding also.
Awesome session!