I have coached Tom and Alice before and they returned for a pre alps trip tune up. I worked on their cornering as I quickly discovered body position errors had crept in so we worked on that using two berms. From there we moved to the skills trail to work on multiple sections on the trail and this enable them to not over focus on a particular corner.
We worked on linking drops into corners too before moving on to jumping. I used the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and worked on their skills to gain more height and therefore distance for a given speed and soon they were flying. From there we worked on linking the trail above the two berms and also the 7ft gap jump that was after them. I worked hard on Alice’s mental skills here too as her normal ease at jumping was affected by this particular section but a move to another trail and a different gap jump saw her back to normal and flying the 1st gap and Tom wasn’t happy there and linked the 9ft gap into the line too.
The heat of the day was dampened by the wind but a move to another trail was in order an we spent the final hour on that linking sections on a steeper, faster trail. Cracking session